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The Puraty Twins

Puraty has been special from its inception.  As we have worked with the teas,  and added more formulations to the range,  we have become aware that there are many facets to them.  They were developed to stand alone, to provide a healing force for the systems or the conditions they were formulated for. 

Over time we have come to realise how well the teas “pair up” - how the complimentary herbs and blends work well with each other . We have begun calling each pair “twins” - THE TWINS.

I am preparing blog posts showing you how special these pairs are but in the meantime, here is a list of the formulas that work well together:


PURATY TEAS – TWIN MATCHES                                                      

PMT Relief                               +                Sleep Well

PMT  Relief                              +                Memory Gain

PMT Relief                               +                Energy Boost

Memory Gain                           +                Energy Boost

Memory Gain                           +                Strong Bones

Memory Gain                           +                Menopause Tea

Memory Gain                           +                Sleep Well

Immune Booster                      +                DeStress

Immune Booster                      +                Sleep Well

Immune Booster                      +                P M T Relief

Immune Booster                      +                Memory Gain

Flu Buster                                +                Immune booster

Flu Buster                                +                Sleep Well

Flu Buster                                +                De Stress

Flu Buster                                +                Energy Booster

Sleep Well                               +                DeStress

Sleep Well                               +                Energy Booster

Sleep Well                               +                Slim Down

Sleep Well                               +                Menopause Tea

Slim Down                               +                Strong Bones

Slim Down                               +                Menopause Tea

Slim Down                               +                Digestive Tea

Type 2                                      +                Immune Boost

Type 2                                      +                Liver Detox

Type 2                                      +                Kidney Detox

Type 2                                      +                Digestive Tea

Liver Detox                              +                Kidney Detox

Liver Detox                              +                Digestive Tea

DeStress                                  +                Menopause Tea

DeStress                                  +                Digestive Tea

By Joanna Vinsen Loveys  BNatMed HbT

Joanna Loveys
Joanna Loveys