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Is Life Getting a Little Too Hectic For You?

Are things getting a little too hectic for you?   Are you overwhelmed by your work load and worried about finances, your job, your health, the life issues we face every day?  Stress is a fact of life, but we don’t always have to be “stressed out.”

It is estimated that over 75% of all doctor’s visits are stress related, or due to stress related complaints!  Being overly stressed for a long period of time is a physical hazard!   And the more stressed out we are, the more vulnerable we are to colds, flu, and a host of chronic or life-threatening illnesses.   

So what happens to your body when you are stressed?

If you are under acute stress, your adrenal glands will produce adrenalin and cortisol. This means your heart rate will speed up, your blood pressure will rise, your pupils will dilate, your liver will release glucose and there will be increased blood flow to the muscles to help you cope with the perceived “threat” -   This is so that, if you have to flee really fast you can – the “Flight or Fight Syndrome!”

If you are living with chronic intense stress your body will cope for a time – and then it will become distressed.  This is when you start to notice signs and symptoms like sleeplessness, anxiety and mood changes, fatigue, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, adrenal fatigue, stomach and digestive issues – even fertility and cardiac problems.  Bodies weren’t made to cope with continual stress – there has to be some down time!

One bonus of using a medicinal herbal tea to cope with stress,  is that the tea is absorbed very quickly by the body.  Puraty's handpicked certified organic medicinal herbs are selected from the finest and freshest  New Zealand  sources,  and from  native habitats around the world,  in order to provide maximum potency and maximum immediate healing affects.

Puraty’s DE-STRESS  Tea  - Soothing support for stress and wellbeing.

De-Stress tea was developed to counter the effects of a stressful life.  Let’s face it; it’s a fast paced world we live in!

Packed with time-tested herbs in a well-researched formula, De-Stress Tea improves your overall wellbeing and helps your body respond to stress more easily. Certain chemical components of the herbs have been chosen to support your body's ability to combat mild depression. Consuming these ingredients in liquid form through De-Stress Tea is highly effective, safe and non-addictive.

The herbs in De Stress Tea - Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), Skullcap(Scutellaria lateriflora) St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) may help to balance out the nervous system, helping your body recover from anxiety, and support your natural ability to deal with nervousness and insomnia.

Some tips to manage stress include:

Work it out! – add regular exercise into your daily routine. Exercise and lifestyle changes can play a huge role in managing debilitating stress levels.

Sleep and rest – try and get plenty of it – Puraty De-Stress Tea  or Sleepy Time Tea can help here!  Sipped throughout the day and with a final soothing cup in the evening,  this  will help you relax and  get off to sleep calmly and quietly.   You might like to add a magnesium aspartate supplement before retiring as well, as magnesium is indicated in cases of chronic sleeplessness.

Learn to say NO and Plan Ahead!  We are often conditioned to “just say yes” – I would urge you to think about that. It is ok to say no and take time out for yourself. Take a lunch break and go for a walk, have a weekend off and plan a holiday in advance, so you have something to look forward to.

Eat well – a diet rich in wholefoods, nutrient dense and packed with vitamins and minerals, fresh filtered clean water, wholegrains and lean protein. If you “eat a rainbow” of colours on your plate you will be doing well!

Breathe! – don’t underestimate the power of the breath. If you learn slow rhythmic deep breathing you can regulate the nervous system, slow down those racing thoughts, calm a fast heartbeat, avoid that panic attack and feel less anxious and stressed.  Breathing from your diaphragm oxygenates your blood, which helps you relax.

Laugh – last thing you feel like doing or making time for? Releasing some feel good endorphins with friends is a winner, hugging your pet,  or watching a funny movie works too.


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By Joanna Vinsen Loveys   BNatMed HbT MNZAMH

Joanna Loveys
Joanna Loveys