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About Us

"Puraty is a New Zealand owned and operated natural medicinal healthcare company that originated in 2015. We currently help customers around the world with their health. "


“My mother had reoccurring minor bone fractures. She was diagnosed with possible early signs of osteoporosis. She was told to give up tennis, a game she dearly loved, and given conventional drugs that didn't help. I decided to help my mother so I started looking at the much wider world of natural health therapies.

After several months of researching thousands of research reports on single ingredients, I came across the remarkable work by a person called Pedanius Dioscorides circa 70AD, who was a physician, pharmacologist and botanist and author of De-Materia-Medica a 5-volume encyclopedia about herbal medicine that was widely read and implemented for more than 1,500 years, making it one of the world's longest lasting of all natural health books. The more I read of his work, the more I became convinced of the medicinal healing properties of plants, and how we, as people, have veered away from natural healing and towards the mass production and taking of prescription drugs.

A Strong Bones medicinal tea was formulated and given to my mother. The fresher and more natural the ingredients, the greater was the potency. My mother had long stopped using conventional drugs as it had little to no effect. She started using my Strong Bones medicinal tea and started to be relieved of her minor reoccurring bone fractures. To my delight, my mother was able to start playing tennis again. I started to receive requests to buy the medicinal tea from other friends. I never intended to sell it so I was totally unprepared. I had to hand write the labels and stick them on containers.

And that's the story of where Strong Bones potent organic tea came from. An accidental business was born from the need to help my mother. But business is not all about making money. That's why a proportion of operating profits are given back to the community to help promote complementary and alternative medicine. 

Our Products BigPro

I have worked with Auckland's leading medical herbalists to develop other medicinal herbal teas and now have 17 great teas that are in high demand:

  • De-Stress Tea
  • Digestive Aid
  • Energiser Boost Tea
  • Flu Buster
  • Hot Flush Tea
  • Immune Booster
  • Kidney Detox Tea
  • Green Tea Kombucha
  • Green Tea Turmeric
  • Liver Detox Tea
  • Memory Gain
  • PMT Relief
  • Sleep Well Tea
  • Slim Down Tea
  • Strong Bones
  • Type 2 Tea
  • Green Tea Matcha








New Zealand's unique geographical location allows less pollutants in the air and a climate that produces world class medicinal plants. New Zealand has one of the lowest carbon monoxide gas particles of pollution per cubic centimetre of air in the world. We are blessed with a coastal country that is surrounded by two huge oceans that allow coastal winds to flush out any potential toxic fumes. Together with a climate that has four distinct seasons, it provides an oasis for which to grow the world's finest medicinal plants. Where we cannot source specialist ingredients, we then source them from their native habitats. All ingredients are certified organic and non genetically modified. Puraty is certified by BioGro, a reputable and well established accredited organic certifier. We source the finest and freshest premium herbs to provide maximum potency with your herbal tea.

Puraty's Promise

We aim to provide a quality experience for all our customers from point of order through to delivery and use of goods, which is why we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all our teas. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any of our products, we will happily refund your money in full, no questions asked. If you have questions please see our FAQ page and if your question is not answered there, please feel free to email us at


"Our teas have a social conscience. We’re committed to sourcing botanical ingredients that are produced according to rigorous sustainability standards, including criteria for measuring ecological, economic, and social sustainability. "

  • Certified organic
  • Non GMO
  • Fair trade
  • Natural
  • Sustainable resourcing
  • Sustainable operations
  • Social responsibility
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colours
  • No added caffeine
  • No testing on animals
  • No added sugar
  • No added fragrances


Scott Paterson

Scott has a background in health and business. After completing an undergraduate degree in science and business studies, he then went on to complete a Masters Degree with a thesis in health deliverables. During his work on his thesis, he came to recognise how reactive, rather than proactive, our health care system was.

Scott is a family man, has four children, a dog, lives in suburbia Auckland, is an avid recycler, grows organic vegetables, has a worm farm, drives a hybrid, prefers an alkaline to an acidic based diet, supports complementary and alternative medicine and a green economy.

Health remains a passion for Scott and he spends considerable amounts of time ensuring Puraty products exceed quality standards expected of a leading natural medicinal healthcare company.

Lynette Hill
B.NatMed Consultant My Remedy

Lynette is our Consultant and the founder and director of one of Auckland's leading integrative natural medicine clinics employing leading Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Medical Herbalists.

A healthy body begins with healthy thinking. Homeopathy acts to remove blockages in ones thinking or behaviour. Naturopathy looks at the root cause of disease and disorders utilising the practice of Hemaview. Good nutritional diet with exercise can provide a body with abundant energy and wellbeing. Using plants as medicine provides significant advantages for treating many conditions due to a plant's therapeutic effects. A Medical Herbalist prescribes and dispense plant based medicines seeking to treat the underlying cause of the problem, while acknowledging the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Joanna Vinsen Loveys

Joanna was one of New Zealand’s leading medical herbalists. She held a degree in Natural Medicine (BNatMed), a National Certificate in Homeobotanical therapy, is a registered Medical Herbalist and a Naturopath.